About Us

The Plainfield Riverfront Foundation is a 501C3 charitable non-profit organization that was formed to raise funds and public awareness to develop the Plainfield Riverfront as a regional cultural, natural and recreation amenity. The all-volunteer Foundation organizes Plainfield Fest as an annual event for the community. In addition, the Foundation is actively seeking corporate partnerships, donations, and grants to help fund construction of the Riverfront improvements. The Plainfield Riverfront efforts are aimed at implementing the Plainfield Riverfront Master Plan, which was developed in partnership between the Village of Plainfield and the Plainfield Park District.

All of the funds generated by Plainfield Fest are designated for use by the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation for development of the Plainfield Riverfront. Since the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation took over hosting Plainfield Fest in 2011, more than $280,000 has been raised from Plainfield Fest for park improvements.

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